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Simple Steps in an Uncertain Business Environment

Summers are short in Michigan, and it is easy to get caught up in the great weather and miss the warning that a season change is coming. 

Just like Mother Nature, businesses have seasons. Accelerated Growth, Slowing Growth, Recession & Recovery. As the Federal Reserve raises interest rates, most industries are entering a new season of slower growth than we have experienced in the past few years. 

Here are some simple steps to help you create a soft landing and to position you to capitalize when the season of growth arrives. 

In uncertain economic times, it is BACK TO BASICS.  Here are 4 Simple Steps to take advantage of uncertain times. If you find these steps helpful, please give us a thumbs up, comment below, or subscribe. 

Step 1: Review your relationships with stakeholders 


  • Are your Customer Service Levels where you want them to be - your best customer is an existing customer - do not lose them because you forgot about them or did not treat them as IMPORTANT!
  • Which customers are contributing to your profitability? Conversely, which customers are not profitable?
  • Review pricing and products. What impact will a slowing economy have? Do you have the right product mix for this new season?


  • What payment terms are available that you are not taking advantage of now?
  • Review products and services. What is essential, and what is nice to have? 
  • Review purchasing contracts, especially auto-renewals, and negotiate exits or concessions for shifts in the economy.


- Review your borrowing documents to ensure that you are in

           compliance with all of your stated covenants.

  • Network with key people from a variety of financial institutions. Access to capital is critical in shifting markets. The easiest time to borrow is when you don't need it. 
  • Review your fees. Banks constantly update fee structures to attract new customers. Make sure you are not overpaying. 

Step 2:  Review Your Operations and Improve Efficiencies 

 Policies and Procedures

  • Are you enforcing payment terms to your customers?
  • Do you have the supporting documents for claims, liens for goods, property, or services?
  • Are you billing for all the items that are owed to you?
  • Is your invoicing done on a timely basis? If you offer terms, are customers aware, and are they taking advantage of them?
  • Are your receivables being collected on a timely basis? 

Step 3:  Reduce Cost

Check Insurances

  • Review policies to ensure you have appropriate coverages for current business activities & assets.
  • Review to see if you can reduce premiums by adjusting coverage and/or changing deductibles. 

Review Budgets

  • What expenses change when business slows?  Travel, Celebrations, Operations
  • Do a SWAT analysis with your staff.  Stop Waste And Think.  What can they do without?



  • Are you getting benefits for all of the depository relationships?
  • Lock in low-interest rates and extended maturities.
  • If you have no debt - establish a borrowing relationship. It is the easiest time to borrow funds is when you do not need the money.
  • Negotiate the most favorable terms and payment schedules

ASSETS- Are they being utilized appropriately?

  • Can they be leveraged as collateral for borrowing relationships
  • Do you have any assets that can be disposed of that do
    not have a material impact on the business today or in the
    Can you obtain assets below traditional market costs?


  • Negotiate favorable payment terms
  • Take advantage of all extended payment terms.
  • Taking advantage of all discounts available for prompt
    payment(s) of invoices
  • Is expense sharing available with your vendor i.e. tooling
    costs?  If so, are you getting or billing for the appropriate credit?

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