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Leadership: Motivating and Improving Employee Engagement

Leadership Essentials To Improve Employee Engagement

Lead by Example

“Walk The Talk” the behavior you display will be emulated by the organization; integrity, fairness, compassion, and energy.

Keep employees informed

Employees are more enthusiastic and motivated if they understand the impact of their performance on the business; share the relationship to profitability, information on management changes, major projects, customer successes, and new opportunities.


Encourage employees to provide input on how work is to be done. By having some say in the work process, they become stakeholders with a vested interest in a successful outcome.

Provide feedback

Employees need to know if they are being successful and will be more enthusiastic about attaining higher performance levels if job feedback is provided on a regular basis. Encourage the setting and measurement of goals/objectives. A Performance review should never be an annual event.  

Celebrate Achievements

Recognition motivates employees more than money. Successful organizations develop reward mechanisms that encourage outstanding performance. They honor the recipients on a regular basis.

Provide Developmental opportunities

Learning provides an opportunity to change and grow. It sends a powerful message that management cares about the personal development of its employees. Much higher levels of performance occur when employees feel challenged and are provided the means for achievement.

Create an atmosphere of open communication

Encourage employees to express their suggestions and concerns in a safe environment. Provide the “gift” of listening.


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